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Underwood Insurance Group can help you tailor an employee benefits package that will meet your business needs.

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Underwood Insurance Group offers Dental Insurance.

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Help your employees retire comfortably by offering group life insurance from Underwood Insurance Group.

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PPO, HSA, EPO, HMO, and High Deductible Plans. Health Savings Accounts, Self-Directed Health Plans, Prescription and Discount Plans.

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Advice when selecting a California Group Health Plan

How to Evaluate a Health Plan - Health care plans can appear to be convoluted to the untrained eye. Learn how we simplify the process of comparing different plans by focusing on three factors: benefits, price, and providers.

California Small Group Health Insurance Eligibility - Learn about comprehensive legistlation to regulate small business health insurance in California and how to determine an eligible employer/employee and what that entails.

Myth Busters: Employee Participation and Employer Contribution - Small business owners often find it financially difficult to start a group health plan for their employees without bankrupting the company. Here we set out to dispel common myths of small group health insurance.

California Small Group Rules - Protect small businesses that purchase health insurance for their employees. This document describes the rights and obligations of small businesses that purchase coverage.

Tax Considerations of Group Health Insurance in California

Tax Incentives for Group Health, Dental, and Life Insurance - Learn how State and Federal tax treatment of employee benefits provides a valuable incentive to employers to pay for employee health, dental, and life insurance plans.

The Problem with Paying for Insurance through a Salary Bonus - Find out how the alternative strategy of paying employees a salary bonus to purchase their own insurance costs employer and employee a lot of money compared to a California small group health insurance plan..

Section 125 Plans - When an employee pays a portion of the premium for his or her health, dental, or vision insurance, we can help you set up a Section 125 plan (aka Cafeteria Plans). Learn how this type of plan saves the employer and employees a significant amount of money.

Specific Small Group Health Plan Information

Learn about the small group plans from Anthem Blue Cross of California, Aetna of California, Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente and others, and the benefits and drawbacks of these plans in our California Small Group Health Plans section.

We can help you find the best California small group health plan based on your specific needs and requirements.

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